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Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

Saint Mary’s is distinguished for the academic ability of its students and for the rigor of its academic program. Like all Catholic schools, however, Saint Mary’s has a mission of formation that goes well beyond the purely academic, focusing on the the integrated spiritual, intellectual, social, and affective growth of its students. Many elements in this formation process are further developed outside the classroom. For that reason, Saint Mary’s must have extracurricular programs as strong as its academic program.  While trying new things and exploring yet undiscovered talents, students develop organizational and leadership skills that are invaluable to their lives beyond Saint Mary’s.

Saint Mary’s thriving clubs and activities are evidence that students are passionate (and just plain curious) about a wide range of topics. Saint Mary’s clubs are student-initiated and student-driven, meaning that they vary according to interests among the student body. Students sign up at our annual club fair held at the beginning of each year. 

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Art Club

Band Club

Career Club

Chess Club

Coffee Club

Columbian Squires

Drama Club

Fishers of Men

Knights of Mercy

Mass Choir Club

Math Club

National Honor Society

Poetry Club

Youth for Life Club

Speech and Debate Club


Mrs. Vietri

Mrs. Voita

Mr. Calvert

Mrs. Blomberg

Mr. Coast

Miss Wraith

Mr. Ayala

Mr. Bond

Mr. Cacho

Mr. Durkee

Sr. Peter Thomas

Mr. Ruiz

Mrs. Vietri

Mr. Amorose

Ms. Salgado